About LeesburgTalk

LeesburgTalk is a “hyperlocal” community blog focusing on events, news, people, politics, places, and businesses in and around Leesburg, VA. We try to uncover things that are of interest to the citizens of Leesburg and our neighboring communities. We are always trying to expand the scope of the information provided here, so if you have something you’d like to contribute, please visit the “For Contributors” link at the top of the page.

About the contributors

Chuck Shotton has lived in Leesburg for 11 years and has always been interested in local government as well as life in the Leesburg Historic District. He’s served on numerous town and county commissions, had a go at running for town council, started several local businesses, and resides in town with his family and 3 Jack Russell terriers.

Valérie Beaudoin is a relative newcomer to Leesburg, having moved to Leesburg from Montréal, QC in 2007. Her unique perspective on urban life lends itself to following Leesburg’s dining, merchants, and local events.

Linda Shotton is a past president of the Leesburg Historic District Residents Association and past president of the Loudoun County Master Gardeners. She’s currently a member of Leesburg’s Environmental Advisory Commission and brings 11 years of life in Leesburg to LeesburgTalk.

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