Weekly Dining Round-up

2009 November 20
by Chuck Shotton

Jasmine Chinese Cuisine, which has been serving a very nice Chinese menu in Market Station for several years, recently added a sushi bar to its offerings. Jasmine Sushi was our destination for dinner recently and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The new sushi bar is located in expanded space, to the right of the Jasmine entrance, and you can miss it completely if you don’t know it is there.

Upon entering, the two “sushi men” behind the bar greeted us warmly and we were offered hot tea (jasmine, unfortunately, not green) and a green salad to start. We followed that with a selection of nigiri sushi (fish with rice) and several of the sushi rolls from the menu. Contrary to reports in Leesburg Today, they don’t seem to have the promised “Leesburg Roll” on the menu and the chefs had no idea what we were asking for when we tried to order it. But what we did have was quite good.

Jasmine SushiBeing a fan of mackerel, I always have to give that a try. We also tried some fatty tuna (toro) nigiri, the California Deluxe roll, and a daily special roll with multi-colored roe and spicy tuna inside. The sushi was all fresh, and beautifully presented. It’s definitely the nicest sushi offering in the Leesburg area. Hardcore sushi fanatics will likely find their favorite restaurant elsewhere, but for a quick lunch or dinner bite in town, this fits the bill. And speaking of bill, the price for dinner was about $40 with tip. The prices seem a bit high for the quantity, but probably no worse than a sushi dinner inside the Beltway.

Jasmine Cuisine is in Market Station at 110 South St. in Leesburg.

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