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2009 August 12
by Chuck Shotton

Seems that the “Water Wars” are winding down after last night’s showdown and vote. After spending a week doing research, writing letters, and speaking at the public hearing, it’s time to get back to the business of LeesburgTalk. But I have to give a tip of the hat to the many speakers last night who were fellow citizens and neighbors and were voices of reason before the town council. And kudos are owed to Council member Dave Butler who did a stellar job of cutting through the deceptions and misleading statistics propagated by the mayor with his presentation of the historical causes for the Utility Fund budget shortfalls. Also hats off to Katie Hammler for standing her ground and taking the mayor to task for her irresponsible behavior during this entire episode.

It would have been much more effective, in my opinion, if Reid and Dunn had not sided with the mayor in voting against the rate ordinance. I understand their rationale for opposing it, and agree more with them than those in support of the resolution, and it is quite different from Umstattd’s fantasy world. But months from now the vote is going to read 4-3-0 and they are all together as the “3” with not a lot of public recollection as to why, even though they were interested in seeing more expense cuts before rate increases.

It was gratifying to hear the number of citizens that called for a return to allowing the URAC to study and recommend rates. I don’t believe the town is particularly well-served by out-of-town consultants who swoop in and toss off the answer that the town staff has already aimed them at. A great quote last night that I overheard, “Consultants are people who take your watch and tell you what time it is.” How true in this case.

Anyway, back to the news and events of town!

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  1. 1:03pm August 13 2009
    swisshegemonist permalink

    “Consultants are people who take your watch and tell you what time it is.”

    Maybe it depends if your watch is a Timex or a Clerc Tourbillon…

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