Leesburg’s Environmental Advisory Commission

2009 July 27
by Linda

The Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) is a great group of commissioners who are challenged with helping the town with the environmental issues while still being cognizant of the business of running a town.  Obviously, recycling plays a large part of our education efforts:  Did you know Leesburg is one of the few places that recycles plastics from 1 to 7?  This means there probably isn’t a plastic bottle or container that you need to throw into the trash.  Also, think of upgrading your recycling container.  If the blue box is filled two days after it’s emptied, you can pick up a recycling sticker from Town Hall to adhere to any trash can.

Along with recycling, the EAC has several agendas:  education, energy conservation, watershed and stream protection, wildlife stewardship, and natural lawn and gardens (i.e., things that are native, grow best without aid of chemicals).

Did you know?  The EAC recently planned and planted $10,000 worth of trees in two areas!  One was the dry storm water pond at Kincaid Forest, and the other was the flood plane area adjacent to the bowling alley on Harrison Street.

Click here for pictures of the bowling alley project.

Two new development projects have been submitted to town – both are churches.  St. Johns Catholic Church has submitted a special exception to build at the corner of North King Street and Oakcrest Manor (there is a sign on the “knoll” where they’d like to build).  Also, the Christ Community Lutheran Church has submitted to build out at the old Lowes Hardware site at Cardinal Park Drive.

More Later on What the EAC is doing for you!

Linda Shotton

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