Weekly Dining Round-up

2009 July 15
by Valérie

Thai PanThis week’s round-up list includes two smaller, but very nice restaurants. The first on is Thai Pan (previously Thai Royal) situated inside the Liberty Gas Station on Harrison St. in front of the County building. This place is hard to find and small, but the food is awesome. The fresh garden roll appetizer is deliciously fresh and minty, and my favorite entrée is the Panang (tender chicken in a rich curry peanut and coconut milk sauce with carrots). Very yummy! The drunken Noodle are also a popular choice and on any dish you can request the spiciness you would like, the perfect option for a wimp like me. Portions are very generous, I usually end up bringing a doggy bag home and it’s not very expensive.

Our second small but nice restaurant is Lesher’s Hot-Dog at 26 South King St. You better look up for the sign toLesher not miss the place! First of all, we have gone several times to this place and it’s always super clean and the staff is very friendly. The menu is not very large (3 kinds of hot-dogs and 2 choices of burgers if I remember correctly) but the food is good. I really like the chili hot-dog. They burgers are well cooked and juicy. Unfortunately they do not serve fries, but they do have a variety of chips and sodas. I hope one day this place will add a few mores items on they menu like more toppings and some side dish. That would make it a lot more interesting place. But you can get 2 hot-dogs and a soda for about $5.30, which is not bad for lunch.

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  1. 11:27pm July 15 2009

    The burgers at Lesher’s are great. They put chili on them and they are truly fantastic, especially for the price. It’s a great concept and I hope they succeed. I’ll check out the Thai restaurant, too.

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