Let the Games Begin

2009 July 13
by Chuck Shotton

umstattdletterAs predicted, the race to make political capital from the recent criminal activity in town has begun. I can’t even begin to parse the ramifications of the opportunistic pandering in the letter that Kristen Umstattd just spammed all over the front doors of the residents along Valley View Ave. in the wake of the police shut-down of that neighborhood Friday evening. This is a link to a PDF file containing a scan of the letter.

To paraphrase, it’s a letter on faux town stationery made by xeroxing a business card taped to a sheet of paper, paid for and distributed by Kristen, yet purporting to speak for the council as a whole. She proceeds to laud the neighbors, police, and anyone else who was remotely involved as though her imprimatur is somehow on their actions. Then in a complete non sequitur, she proceeds to pander to a very divisive neighborhood issue about temporary barricades on their street, urging people to come speak on the issue on Tuesday night (knowing full well that the petitioner’s agenda is going to be jammed with people wanting to speak on her inadequate support for town police and what she and the council intend to do to address the issue.)

I, for one, have no time for politicians who try to use this drama for their own gains.

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  1. 8:41pm July 13 2009
    Valérie permalink

    wow! This letter is either two things A) an official town correspondence or B) a personal letter from Mrs Umstattd. If it’s town correspondence, why is it on a sheet of paper with a business card photocopied at the top and not on official town letterhead? Why is it paid by her, if it’s an official town letter? And if it’s a personal letter from Mrs. Umstattd, why is she speaking in the behalf of the Town Council? Whys is the letter not sign? why are the names of the other town councils not on the letter?

    Is Mrs Umstattd trying to build some popularity with the misery of some of her citizens… That’s not the kind of politic behaviors I support.

  2. 8:26pm July 13 2009

    After reflecting on this for a bit, I wonder several things.

    1. Did the other town council members get to see this before Kristen distributed it?

    2. Since it was paid for by Kristen, it’s obvious that she views it as campaign materials. So, how is it that she gets to falsely represent it as town correspondence by using town letterhead?

    3. Is anyone else even as remotely disgusted by the blatant opportunism as I am? Is it just me?

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