Shhh! Secret Berry Walk

2009 July 11
by Chuck Shotton

This is a tip, just for the readers of LeesburgTalk. This weekend is a perfect time to take advantage of something that hardly anyone in town knows about. At Old Izaak Walton Park (see map below), there are lots of trails that run through the woods and around the pond there. The trails are lined with hundreds of red raspberry bushes and blackberry vines. While the raspberries are ripe now and just about done, the blackberries are just getting started. Take a bucket and enjoy your walk!

2 Responses
  1. 4:31pm July 13 2009
    Elizabeth E. permalink

    Thanks for the hint, Chuck. I picked about a quart of wineberries Monday morning and came home and made jam. I didn’t see any blackberries but there are still many of the wineberries.

  2. 10:53am July 11 2009

    OK, technically they are wineberries and not raspberries, but they are pretty close to the same. :p

    We picked 2 pints in about 5 minutes off the bushes near the dog park entrance this morning.

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