Demo Garden at Ida Lee, Week of July 6

2009 July 9
by Linda

This week in the Master Gardeners’ Garden at IdaLee Park in Leesburg the Master Gardeners have been especially busy in the vegetable garden. We are harvesting softneck garlic (this is the garlic you buy in the grocery store – the other kind of garlic is called “hard neck” and does not store as well but has very nice flavor), which can be braided and stored in a cool dry location and used for many months.

We are also harvesting potatoes which are another easy and very satisfying crop to grow. And newly picked potatoes are especially delicious.

We have had some trouble with our tomato plants being diseased this year because of all the spring rains and have replaced 3 of them with new plants. When you trim the leaves off of your tomato plants that are diseased please take the time to sanitize your clippers each time (with rubbing alcohol or wipes so you don’t spread the disease).

We have started our fall vegetables – broccoli, kohlrabi and other brassicas. We will plant them in the ground in 6 to 8 weeks (early September). It is not too late to start yours. If you don’t want to start your own, look for them at nurseries in another month or so.

If you planted beans watch for Mexican bean beetles and hand pick them and drop them into soapy water. It is not too late to plant some bean seeds.

In the ornamental area of the garden

Hummingbird among Crocosmia - wikipedia

Hummingbird among Crocosmia - wikipedia

we have been weeding and “deadheading” (no this has nothing to do with Jerry Garcia) – this is snipping off the faded flowers so the plant will keep flowering. Our Crocosmia is blooming – very beautiful – as our many other flowers. Come by IdaLee and see the Master Gardeners’ garden if you want some ideas for what grows well in our region.

Happy gardening and if you have any questions please contact the Master Gardeners at
Phone: (703) 771-5150; email:

You can find the Master Gardner’s demonstration garden at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg. Volunteers are available every Tuesday and Thursday morning – 9 until noon.

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