Another Robbery?

2009 July 6
by Chuck Shotton

bbt1About 1:45 PM today, while leaving the alley between King St. and the town garage, we were met by police cars coming from both directions. In a matter of minutes, the downtown area was swarming with police cars and officers on foot. This (admittedly bad) picture was of an officer who was turning people away from the front of the BB&T bank building on Market St. NW, which was the location of a robbery last month. Seems like we just missed seeing another one! If anyone knows what was really going on, please advise.

[Update: Yep. It was robbed again. Even sounds like the same guys. Glad to see we got the breaking news here on LeesburgTalk only 15 minutes after it happened!]

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  1. 4:40pm July 6 2009
    Valérie permalink

    It seems that you were right, it was another robbery! it seems that a few minutes earlier and you could have catch the thief yourself.

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