Weekly Dining Round-up

2009 June 26
by Chuck Shotton

I thought it might be fun to keep track of interesting food finds around Leesburg. There are lots of hidden gems in the area ranging from new eateries to local markets and this is a good opportunity to pass along some of them as well as a chance for others to contribute their discoveries.

La Lou’s Bistro – Market St. next to the Tally Ho Theater. A couple of readers sing its praises. This Yelp review provides more info. There was also a Loudoun Times Mirror article on them this week in the print edition.

Fractured Prune – This one is on the must-go-see list if for no other reason than their tag line is “Hot Hand-Dipped Homemade Donuts.” 828 S. King St.

Leesburg Farmer’s Market – I’ll second Valérie’s recommendation on Baker’s bacon (email bakerinc@shentel.net). This is not your normal, fatty, thin grocery store bacon. It’s thick-cut, and shorter strips that fit better in your pan. And much more meat than fat. Perfect for that summer B.L.T. with fresh heirloom tomatoes and some lemon basil instead of lettuce. Mmm.

2 Responses
  1. 9:12am June 27 2009
    Valérie permalink

    Well, we tried the Fractured Prune this morning. Donuts are made before your eyes and topped with everything you would like. Very yummy! but they need to have an outside sign… couldn’t find the place for 5 minutes!

  2. 9:04am June 26 2009
    Valérie permalink

    oh wow! I will have to try this Fractured Prune place. You can make your own donuts!

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